Healthy Detox Slim

The right way of eating and drink can make your wellbeing different. Need to cleanse and purifying your body but do not know how? Let us make it easy for you! A glass of BIO FIT can help you sweep away all the toxins in your body.

The Health Benefits of Bio Fit:

Body detoxification
Improve digestion
Regular bowel movement
Relieve constipication
Colon cleansing
Ruduce fat synthesis
Increase metabolism
Promote weight loss
Enhance immune system
Get rid of bad mouth

Active Ingredients

Psyllium Husk, Oil Palm Fiber, Oat Powder, Apple Powder, Guava Powder, Kiwi Fruit, Barley Grass, Chlorophyll, Mix Berries Flavour,Prebiotic (Oligosacharides).

Psyllium Husk:

Psyllium husk is a common, high-fiber laxative made from the seeds of a shrub. It’s also used to treat a number of conditions, such as high cholesterol and colon cancer, which may benefit from a high-fiber diet.

Oil Palm Fiber:

Oil palm trunk fiber has shown potential as a functional food ingredient and may help ménage and lower the risk of diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease and obesity.

Oat Powder:

Whole grain oats make andREAD MORE

Bio Fit perfect for your body