Formacare – Anti-bacterial solutions

Anti-bacterial solutions
Benefits to control and eliminate pathogenic organisms / bacteria. Viruses, disinfect surfaces and destroys biofilm.

Efficient and effective as an environmental sanitation, air purification & prevention of epidemic diseases.

Formacare takes disinfection to another level to protect against contaminants, allowing home & businesses to perform effectively.
Product application is easy to use “CLEAN – EFFECTIVE – SAFE”.

Application for :
Hard Surface Disinfectant
-Applicable to all hard surfaces such as Wood, stainless, steel, plastic, carpet, tiles, glass, formica and fabric.

Air purification
-To disinfect and eliminate pungent odour, removes formaldehyde, gases with characteristic intensive odour such as volatile organic compounds and odour after smoking, living areas, toilet, dumpster / dustbin, store rooms, kitchen,

Why Choose Formacare?

FORMACARE has the effective and safe solutions for the environment. We produce strong bactericide and virucide lines at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm. It will eliminate both planktonic and sessile bacteria, disinfect surfaces, to quickly & effectively destroying the problematic biofilm.

Chlorine Dioxide Versus Chlorine


Formacare Spray